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Our aligners are tailored in design to correct specific cases. Our team will use intraoral 3D scans and photos of your teeth to agree a treatment plan for you. We will be by your side every step of the way to offer our comprehensive advice.

Please take sometime to answer these questions and find out if we can offer you the Ultra-Aligners plan.

INSTALLMENT / Special Offers

The cost of your plan is determined by our team based on your specific needs, including the duration of your plan.

For estimation purposes, the average cost of Ultra-Aligner plans is provided below:

- £700 for mild cases

- £1200 for medium cases

- Case by case assessment for complex cases


We appreciate that creating your dream smile is a huge investment, so we are here for you every step of the journey.

There are two easy ways to pay for your treatment. Either way, our products are up to 60% cheaper than other providers.

  • We offer payment financing plans. 

  • Pay even less with a one-time payment.

Our Partners

Ultra Aligners

  • Ultra Aligners provides clear aligner devices for correcting teeth positioning problems  to create a beautiful smile. These can be one of either crowding, gaps, crossbite or generally crocked teeth. Clear plastic devices are custom made using modern 3D technology and software to slowly adjust the position and alignment of the teeth into their desired position. 

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